Whole House Audio


Whole house audio can be accomplished in two ways, either Single -zone or Multi-zone.

Single-zone is the same source over one zone which is the entire house with a volume controle in each location. 

Multi-zone or distributed home entertainment is a new way to enjoy your favorite music, news, and sports anywhere in your home. It used to be that your entertainment was limited to a family room or a bedroom with components piled high and big speakers on the floor. Besides all the clutter, the problem was that once you left the room, you also left your entertainment behind. 

The solution is simple: a single, centralized whole house audio system that gives you the freedom to enjoy your entertainment wherever you want it. Imagine dad in the den listening to jazz, mom cooking up hot and spicy sounds in the kitchen, while the kids are upstairs rocking out. That’s what multizone audio is all about. 

At HTR Solutions, we are proud to feature Yamaha's MusicCast audio systems and Episode Signature Series speakers. When compared to other major brands, it stands out above and can also be more affordable.


Yamaha MusicCast

MusicCast overview video

Closer look of MusicCast Products

Outside Audio and TV's

Taking your entertainment outside


Intercom Installation and Repair

With years of experience of installing,  repairing and replacing intercoms, HTR can help. Just some of the major brands we service include Music & Sound (M&S), Intrasonic, Nutone, Audiotech, Valet and others.