Logitech Remote Control

Logitech Universal Remote Control Programming

Tired of having several Remotes and the frustration that comes along with controlling multiple components and devices? With the Logitech Harmony series of Remotes available from and programmed by HTR, controlling and mastering your home entertainment system is simplified with one-touch commands. HTR offers the whole line of Logitech Harmony Remotes and programming for your home theater and home entertainment systems. HTR can program or re-program your existing Remote(s) or provide a Logitech Universal Remote model delivered complete with on-site custom programming. HTR programs the full line of Logitech Harmony products, including RF Base Stations and installation of Logitech RF Wireless Extenders. HTR can deliver and custom program the Universal Logitech Remote of your choice which is compatible with virtually thousands of televisions/projectors and components. Logitech Harmony Remotes are rechargeable with self correcting, intuitive on-screen help. Allow HTR to provide a one-remote Logitech Harmony solution for your home entertainment system. Call today for pricing and model features.